DesignAny of the Systems we install starts with proper design. When we are brought into the project early enough we can make sure time and money is saved by eliminating duplicate or redundant meetings and products. By starting with the design phase and staying with the project all the way through final instruction we will make sure it functions precisely and easily; exactly the way it was designed to be. With capabilities and knowledge in so many different areas we can preempt mistakes far before they even get to paper. Most people don't really appreciate design until its not there. Imagine building your home without an architect's drawings. What a mess the end result would be! Its the same with your home's high and low voltage systems.



Rough inWhen wiring your home for electrical or technology, organization and attention to detail makes all the difference. AVT labels all wires to let everyone know where they go, eliminating guess work when it's time for hook up or years down the road. A tidy wiring plan makes things easier for the contractor and others working on your house.

We'll make sure your home is ready for the technology of today, as well as planning for the future. Whether you plan to add on later or just to make your home more marketable when you decide to sell it, we will work with you to get the most for your money.



Equipment Installation and Hook-upOnce the proper system in designed and Roughed in, we will take pride in installing the components that make up the system, neatly and efficiently. If these components are not carefully installed and hooked up, then your whole system will be thrown off and never be what it could or should.

Our company is particularly adept at retrofit installations. For the projects that require installation work post-construction we have a wide range of talent and tools that allow us to create stellar systems, often without the need for sheet-rock repair.

Connecting Audio/Video equipment is becoming increasingly complicated. With the continued integration of computer technologies with A/V electronics we can expect this trend to continue. To give you the best system possible we not only connect the equipment and test it; we can also label all of the cables and provide a flow chart to simplify any future work or service that may be done on the system, whether we do it or not.

You should never be held hostage by a company because they are the only ones that know how everything hooks up and is programmed.



ProgrammingOne of the most important phases of the project is Programming. The most complex systems when properly programed can be made to be as easy to use as a microwave. But even the simplest systems can be harder to use than a Graphing calculator, if they aren't done properly.

If you can't use and navigate the remote's or touchscreens we program the first time you touch them, we'll redo them for free. There's no need to be afraid of the technology! It should be FUN!



InstructionBy far the most important service we offer. The best technology in the world is useless if you don’t know how to use it! We dedicate as much time as necessary to insure that the system is as easy to use as possible and that the features available are intuitive for anyone who may come in want to use it.

We like to call them "In-Law" proof because we are confident anyone coming into your home and using you systems for any length of time should be able to figure out the controls with little to no instruction.



ServiceOne of the major benefits our clients and Builders/Architects love about us is that if their clients ever experience any problems with any of their electronic systems, the solution is just ONE call away. No more finger pointing and endless round and round to find who can fix the problem. We've never seen anything that's never experienced some kind of problem as I'm sure you know, the important part is getting someone that knows what they are doing to come replace or fix it. This is also something that's hard to appreciate until it happens. But when it does, why live with the stress and aggravation? Just give us a ring.