Eric PaulsonHome Owner - Single room AV revamp, Orinda, CA 2010"Wow! Easy. Quick. Clean and Courteous. Spectacular! What more can I say?"


Mike RosetterHome Owner - Full Electrical and All Audio Video Components, Pacific Ave., San Francisco 2008"When my contractor brought you onto the job to do the Electrical in 2007 I had no idea that you specialized in so many things. As I kept adding to the project I was worried that I would have to be finding several new companies and go through that whole process over and over again for each new thing I added. When John told me that you guys did the Security, the automated shades, the lighting control, all the Audio and Video etc etc. I was thrilled! I am so thankful to John for seeing all that you bring to the table and utilizing it. You guys really saved us a lot of hassle and did a fantastic job!! I can’t wait to get the opportunity to refer my friend’s and family to AVT."


Beth SalvatoriHome Owner - Small AV job, Green St., San Francisco 2009"At first I was worried that this project may be too small for you guys as I know you do very high end work. When I told you what I wanted and my budget, you didn’t make me feel bad about not wanting to spend a lot of money and I really appreciated that. In fact you were able to find a solution for less that what I was looking to spend! It was such a pleasant experience! Thank you all!!"


Alfred TangHome Owner - Two rooms of AV, Hillsborough, CA 2009"I just wanted to thank you for the process we just completed! I was skeptical and was just waiting to get taken advantage of before we met. You came in, listened to what I wanted, took notes, came back with several options in my budget range, and made recommendations of other things I hadn’t thought about. I didn’t do a few of the things that you recommended cause I didn’t think I needed them. You were right. You guys are the pros! I’m so glad to have found a company that I can trust and reply on for honest, sound advice! Thanks!"


Mark BeckerOwner of Mark Becker inc. (custom home builder and designer) - Completed a total of over 36 houses so far as of 2010"Here we are finishing our 31st house together! It is a pleasure to have you and your company working with us. I can count on your professional manner and workmanship.

It is wonderful to have one company that does it all. The Electrical, the AV, the security, data networking and even the central vacuum. Having one walk through to determine the placement of the outlets on a job site helps save time for everyone. I have enjoyed being able to rely on you and your company to do an efficient and timely job.

Thanks you so very much for doing the great job that you do. I enjoy the working relationship that we have and recommend you to many people."


Mike KaufmanOwner of Kaufman Construction, Design Build - Worked on several Custom home projects large and small"The purpose of this letter is to commend AVT and its associates for the excellent service I have received.

Your team was prompt, very attentive to details, and of great help to me – one who appreciates a fine audio/visual system, but who is not very knowledgeable about the electronics involved.

Perhaps most importantly, the service after the sale and installation has been excellent and prompt. This should be a strong selling point of AVT. It’s that kind of reliable service that makes AVT my recommendation to anyone interested in an audio/video design and installation of superior value.

You’ve got a good team."


Ross RembacOwner of RCM Construction - Working with on Custom Homes and extensive remodels since 2003"We have worked together now for many years on a variety of projects, both large and small, simple and complex, residential and commercial.

I would like to express the gratitude personally and professionally of myself and our firm for the continued quality of work you and your staff provide.

I can faithfully count on your firm to provide pleasant jobsite/client meetings, well detailed estimates, professional installation and an open line of communication throughout the process. We look forward to working with your firm for many years to come."






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