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AVT is making some improvements to their website to better help our clients and partners. Come back soon to see all the great new stuff!


AVT, like everyone else, has seen the market change significantly over the last year. So we have tailored our "Approximator" software to be more budget sensitive, while keeping the quality at a level that people can feel good about.

We now have the ability to go into an existing home and within 30 minutes or less we can produce completely customized and tailored pricing specific to that clients exact needs. Until now we could only do this when we were starting from scratch such as in new construction. Now, we can utilize existing equipment and give pricing for anything else you want to add...on the spot. Why wait for days at a time to see if our products fit into your budget? Find our now!

Give us a call for a free demonstration and a free quote!


We recently put on a presentation with the wonderful people at Highland Partners International and Fine Homes International located in the heart of Piedmont CA. to talk about ways to educate their Associates, Clients, and Partners on how we can make the transition to and from their home easier and more fun. AVT has many services that we offer to help before and after the sale. Contact Noah Stokes if you would like more information or to do a presentation for your office.


Big things are happening for AVT, one of them is that we have hired a new office manager to help us with the influx of business and growth we are experiencing and to help us continue this trend for years to come!

So let's all welcome Christina Ryniewicz (Rinowitz phonetically) to the AVT team. She has six years experience in Construction Office management and has loved every minute of it. You'll be hard pressed to find someone with a better attitude or a harder work ethic. We feel blessed to have found her and are excited to work with her to take AVT to the next level!


AVT acquires the "Visualizer". This Gives the company the ability to virtually display all the technologies and systems they install with a portable computer.

The best part of this program is that in the first meeting AVT now has the ability to price out a system based on a menu like experience adding up the total as you go along and creating a usable integrated system. It has been received with open arms on both sides of the table. Why wait two weeks to have your system designed and budgeted? Give us a call today for a demonstration.