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Smith Residence

A perfect combination of entertainment and control. Special preparation went into the pre-wiring of the home to ensure seamless installation as well as simple upgrades. With a dedicated home theater room, the Smith's decided to pull out all the stops to capture the best movie watching experience. To control home, a handful of touchscreens were conveniently placed in the kitchen, master bedroom, and game room.

"We are thrilled by the systems installed by YourCompany. It was such a pleasure working with them!"

- The Smiths



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Johnson Residence

A project 2 years in the making... with a complete home system tying together whole-house audio, security, video surveillance, lighting control, energy managment, and more. The home theater features a 120" screen displaying crisp High Definition movies while homeowners and guests enjoy plush furniture to match the southern decor. Not to be forgotten was the outdoor living which included landscape speakers, intercom communications, and a 42" LCD TV in the cabana. The Johnson residence was a lot of fun to work on and it featured the ideal setup of systems from YourCompany.

"Nothing but pure satisfaction working with YourCompany! We love the convenience of our new home systems and we always look forward to friday night at the movies in our very own home theater!"

- The Johnsons



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ABC Services, INC.YourCompany also specializes in systems designed for the commercial industry. Many of the same systems found in our residential projects are found in slightly different variations for commercial.

Systems installed at the ABC services headquarters included a 50 unit phone system, two conference rooms fully equipped with professional audio/video presentation systems, a video distribution system to display company news throughout the facility, and an energy management system that included lighting control and climate control.

"For our brand new facility, we had to find the best of the best to service our integrated systems and we certainly found them at YourCompany. Not only do we enjoy using our new systems, but the company has seen definite improvement in efficiencies pertaining to energy usage and communications."

- John Doe, President of ABC Services